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I Work With…

Are you looking to improve your leadership skills, lift the performance of your team and achieve new levels of confidence and growth?
My purpose as a coach is to provide a safe, supportive environment and (sometimes!) tough love to get you taking the steps towards what you really want in leadership and in life. Coaching is about you working on you. You have the answers and you do the work – I advocate, support and guide you to uncover powerful insights that enable you to create the change you need.

I work with leaders who;

  • are overwhelmed by their workload and responsibilities
  • are tired trying to figure it all out on their own
  • are feeling stuck and unmotivated
  • have continual challenges with their staff
  • don’t handle conflict well
  • are not getting buy-in on organisational change initiatives
  • don’t have a clear vision
  • can’t come up with innovative ideas
  • are curious to learn how to bring out the best in their team
  • want to realise the untapped potential in their business and team

I work with teams that:

  • are lacking direction
  • aren’t clear on their roles
  • are in need of a more positive workplace culture
  • are wanting better relationships with their leaders                                                and fellow colleagues
  • are in need of more psychological safety
  • are not contributing to their full potential
  • lack a sense of purpose in their work
  • feel overworked and under-appreciated
  • feel like nothing is going to change at work

Coaching works! – From finding a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment in their businesses and at work to reduced stress, clarity and a more empowered and authentic leadership style, my clients have proven the benefits of coaching. I have seen them boost their business growth, improve their relationships and take on leadership roles with more confidence – and I’m their biggest champion along the way.

Leadership Coaching
Being a leader who inspires, motivates and retains their dream team can seem like a mountain to climb to many leaders and business owners but it is possible and it can be done.

Team Training

Harnessing the power of your team has never been as important as it is right now – and it’s never been as challenging. With so many teams dispersed and not physically together 5-days a week as they once were, how can we create team cohesion and maintain motivation? It’s not enough to just grow yourself as a leader, you need to take your team with you!

Mindset Training

By working on our inner self, we give ourselves the power to succeed outwardly – in business and life. There are many reasons the kind of success you had in mind may be eluding you in areas of your life and business.


Hi, I’m Lisa

I am a Leadership and Team Coach with over a decade of experience in helping thousands of clients achieve the results they want for themselves, in their organisations and with their teams.

Any change or self-improvement requires work, and with the right help, accountability and support, you can reach goals and growth you may have never thought possible.

Whether it’s through team, leadership and personal coaching, or my carefully-developed online courses, I hope to be the catalyst and advocate you need to see those ‘impossible’ changes become reality in your life.

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If you want to explore the benefits of coaching in your business, team or life, I offer a complimentary 20-minute Zoom meeting to discuss where you are at, where you want to be and how I can support you to get there!

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