Leadership Coaching


Leadership Coaching

“Leadership is about people. Period. Great leadership is about inspiring people, serving people, caring for people and caring about people.“
Gary Kelly CEO – South West Airlines

Are you struggling to engage and motivate your employees, getting bogged down with staff issues or feeling like you are pushing a boulder up a hill, on your own, every day in your organisation?

Leadership abilities don’t just come with your title or promotion – and recognising that is the mark of a real leader! True leaders invest time in developing the skills needed to inspire, motivate and retain their dream teams. That’s where coaching comes in.

All you want is to build a team of happy, engaged and motivated people who get stuff done, and make coming to work fun because of the positive, inspired workplace culture.

Sound like an impossible dream? It can be done, and I’m here to help you do it. Because when leaders know how to create and lead great teams – everyone wins.


Client Feedback

Lisa has helped me gain insight into my leadership style and become more of an empathic leader. I can support my team better and collaboratively engage with them to help them grow and become better contributors. As a result, there is a better team culture as everyone feels they are contributing to improving the business.
I am both more relaxed and more confident as a leader. I know I can rely on my team and I feel I have the skills to support them in their growth. I would have no hesitation recommending Lisa as an individual and team coach.


Leadership Coaching Options
Together, we will gain insight into your current leadership style and work to develop your leadership presence and the skills you need to support your people and build the kind of team you have always dreamed of.
‘Grow’ Package
Six 1-hour personal coaching sessions with Lisa, (weekly, fortnightly or monthly). Email support through the coaching series plus access to resources and discounts on the online training programs.
‘Thrive’ Package
Twelve 1-hour coaching sessions with Lisa (weekly, fortnightly or monthly). Email support through the coaching series plus access to resources and discounts on training programs.
‘EQ-i 2.0’ Package

The EQ-i 2.0® Assessment is one of the most reliable, valid and highly researched EQ assessment tools and was the first scientifically validated measure of Emotional Intelligence. 

‘Team 360’ Package

The EQ-i 2.0® and EQ360 can be used to measure either individual or team Emotional Intelligence. The team profile will provide you with fascinating insights into existing team dynamics and behaviour. 


What You Can Expect
Having the relevant IQ and technical skills that put you in your role is a given and possibly what you have spent most of your time developing. You may be coming to leadership coaching with the recognition that you need help with the soft skills and managing the relationships in your team. I have become a passionate advocate for learning to combine your expertise with a caring, compassionate style of leadership that can help you get to where you need to be with your team.

If you want to hear your team say things like “I love coming to work everyday”, “this is my work family”, or, “I feel supported to do what I love and be my best every day”, then it’s time to work towards developing your leadership skills so you can lead your team towards creating an inspiring workplace culture.

What you expect from leadership coaching includes:

  • A better understanding of yourself and your team
  • Emotional intelligence – capacity to be both direct yet compassionate in your leadership style
  • Execeptional communication skills leading to win/win outcomes
  • Clarity and direction for you and your team
  • An ability to learn and develop from everyday interactions
  • More confidence in yourself
  • Improve team morale
  • Positive workplace culture

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