Team Training


Team Training

Supporting the team has never been as important as it is right now – and it’s never been as challenging.

What team doesn’t need a post pandemic boost? Have any of your team members experienced burn out over the past couple of years? Are they finding it harder to feel motivated? Working from home, hybrid work, wearing masks, and the uncertainty around lockdowns and Covid outbreaks have taken its toll. 

Team coaching and training can be just the spark of inspiration your team needs to recover and bounce back, to begin to tap into their potential again. As an experienced team coach, I have developed training sessions for teams that will enhance wellbeing, improve communication and performance, increase engagement, build connection and improve team culture.

Whether your organisation is sticking with working from home or a hybrid working, we can connect virtually for powerful, practical workshops that are designed to connect your team like never before so you can move forward together in exciting and innovative ways. If you’re keen to get back to face to face like the good old days, that is possible now too!

Whether the training program you need is to improve customer service or to get the team aligned or it’s one of our personal development programs, our trainings are highly interactive and of the highest quality. To get feedback like this, knowing participants leave with better tools and skills to enhance their workplaces and lives fuels my passion to continue to deliver these life changing programs.

“It was a fantastic training.”

“Life Changing.”

“Just what the team needed.”

“Thanks Lisa! And especially thanks for your natural positivity and smile which kept us all in good energy and flow!”

“Learned lots of valuable skills that can be immediately applied.”

“It was the best training session. Thanks to our amazing trainer!”

“Great trainer. Really enjoyed the neuroscience information!”

“Lisa is very knowledgeable and a great facilitator”


Team Training Sessions

These are just some of the more popular workshops and sessions available, however, any training can be created or customised to suit your team, your needs and your goals – just get in touch with me to discuss.

Team culture & values

Values drive the culture and direction of any team and business. Creating clarity around what you and your team stand for will see you through many ups and downs and allow you to face hardships as a unit. In this 90 minute team session, we discuss what your shared vision is and elicit your teams’ most important values to document them in black and white. Through identifying your shared values, you gain clarity around the workplace culture you are forming and create a feeling of synergy and connection within your team.

Team goals & strategies

A massive challenge for team members is feeling at a loss when they are lacking direction. In each 90-minute training session, we will uncover the overarching goals, not just from you as the leader, but by inviting the team’s contributions and ideas. When your team is part of the decision-making process, it creates buy-in and a level of engagement unlikely to come from a more traditional, directive style of leadership.

For practical application, we also gain clarity around your top 3 projects and prioritise the steps to make them happen. A minimum of 3 team coaching sessions are recommended for this process.

Team coaching session 1 – Goal setting, strategies and actions
Team coaching session 2 – Progress and traction
Team coaching session 3 – Acknowledgement and celebration

Communication keys

Communication is key and it’s also fraught with challenges, especially in a workplace culture where standards or norms for communicating within your team haven’t been set. To enhance team cohesion, productivity and innovation, we need to create psychological safety where ideas, feedback and feelings can be shared. By setting agreements and being trained as a team in foundational communication skills, your team will have what they need to have the necessary or hard conversations and give each other feedback so your team can be the best it can be.

During this 90-minute training session, we explore the best neuroscience-based communication tools that will work for your team. We will also look at social cognitive neuroscience and change theory, and the challenges and benefits we face in the current climate in your industry. Expect to walk away with an understanding of the best way to communicate with your team and lots of tools and techniques to have your team not only on the same page but singing from the same song sheet.

This session’s teachings about social needs and foundational communication skills can then be applied in every team meeting moving forwards.

Customer service excellence

You spend tens of thousands of dollars on getting customers to call/visit your business, and even more money and time delivering the best service possible – but do you think about what is in between? Great marketing and being amazing at what you do is not enough if your customer-facing staff aren’t converting those leads to customers at the crucial touchpoints!

Phones gone silent? Bookings dropping off? If you don’t equip the people on your phone or at the front desk with exceptional sales and service skills to represent your business in the best possible light, you are doing your business a disservice. This leads to diminishing clientele, impacts your workplace culture and could ultimately result in the business failing. I’ve seen this happen many times before and I’m passionate about preventing more businesses falling through the ‘customer service gap’!

This 90-minute online training could be the key to turning your client-facing team members into true ‘brand ambassadors’ to supercharge your conversions and grow your business.

Wellbeing at work

“The better people are at taking care of themselves, the more effective they’ll be in taking care of others, including their families, co-workers, communities, and their fellow citizens.” Ariana Huffington, Thrive Global.

In this 90-minute session, we dive into the world of stress management and the tools you need to avoid burnout. We engage the think tank of your team to brainstorm ideas and ways forward that will be most effective to support and sustain you. While not often considered a priority, learning to encourage the wellbeing of your team at work creates a supportive culture, happier, more productive people and a more engaged team overall.


Customised for your team

These hightly interactive, 90 minute online team training sessions start from $890 AUD inc GST for up to 10 team members. Please contact Lisa at lisa@lisagaines.co or on 0425 350 459 to get a quote for customised training sessions, larger groups or face to face, full or half day onsite training in your city.


Get your team not only on the same page but singing from the same song sheet!

Contact me today to book in your chosen training sessions or get in touch for a free Zoom consultation to discuss your needs and determine the right training program for your team.