Client Feedback

Lisa is an incredible coach and trainer of coaches. She has the experience and natural ability to put you at ease whilst offering all the support you need as you explore the knots and kinks that are preventing you achieve what you really want out of life. You’ll have a lot of fun too. Amazing results follow! I can’t recommend her to you or your organisation highly enough.

Ed Howard

Ed Howard, Managing Director, Investment and Wholesale Banking, Executive Coach, Singapore

I have found coaching with Lisa to be extremely valuable. She is easy to work with, listens, understands and absolutely draws out the best in me to help me achieve the results I want. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great coach.

Carmel Court

Professional Adviser, Sydney

Lisa is highly effective as a coach as she brings such an eclectic knowledge and experience base to sessions plus a positive, creative personality. Her ability to guide a process that helps bring clarity and confidence to ideas and choices around life and career is impressive and empowering. I also valued Lisa’s well-honed communication skills and understanding of human behaviour. She is versatile, meets you where you are at, and applies deep intuition as much as intellect in discussions. I benefited greatly from Lisa’s coaching and rate her as an exceptional coach. I would recommend her to anyone seeking personal growth and expansion.

Madeleine Snelling

Financial Services, Sydney NSW

Lisa’s coaching helped me gain clarity and real momentum in a couple of ‘stuck’ areas of my life. Her empathetic and intuitive style supported and moved me forward faster than I could have ever imagined. Lisa is a catalyst for magic. I highly recommend her as a coach.

Leah Sparkes

Leadership & Developmental Coach, Sydney NSW

Lisa Gaines was my career coach for approximately 6 months. During this period Lisa was an extraordinary supporter and adviser, in helping me to find the right answers and action plan on my critical and unstable work situation, and also on my future dreams. Lisa is a people’s person, extremely approachable, friendly and with an amazing understanding of people’s psychology. Her style is unique, and more than a counsellor, she has the talent to understand the issues in a very pragmatic way and helping you to find the answers in a very clear way. She is a great source of inspiration, partnership and friendship, with strong ethics and terrific passion for her job. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is going through a hard transitional period at work or finding a new meaning in work life. I look forward to working with her in the future if I need again some coaching.

Fernando Navarro

Group Innovation Capability Director – DuluxGroup
Sydney NSW

My coaching sessions with Lisa have been ground breaking. I’ve been amazed that the changes I wanted to make to my life have been actualising in very concrete ways. Lisa is skilful, intuitive, understanding and supportive, and our sessions are dynamic and exciting. I always come away inspired.

Simon Brown

Master Luthier, Sydney NSW


Client Stories

“Prior to having Lisa as my coach, I was timid in my decision making and my leadership skills were not as direct. I wasn’t someone who dealt with conflict well. I’m the type of personality that prefers it if everyone gets along.

Through Lisa’s guidance, I feel a lot more confident in approaching difficult conversations in a way that made me feel comfortable. While it’s not always easy, I feel I have a new level of respect from my team. There is more trust in my leadership because I’m no longer shy about holding my team accountable and to the same high standards I set for myself.

Lisa has been so supportive with my staff and they have also developed a great rapport with her and see the value in her as a leadership and team coach. The team have commented in a positive shift within the business since she has been coaching me. We now operate like a well-oiled machine and have a supportive team culture while the business continues to grow.

I look forward to each and every session with Lisa and highly value my time with her. After each session I feel reinvigorated and motivated both personally and also for my business. This is all true pre-pandemic, but on a separate note it has been amazing to have the support Lisa provides during Covid-19. In a time of uncertainly and challenges that my profession has not faced before, it has put me at ease knowing the support is there.”

Amanda, CEO, Canberra. Team size 14

Prior to having regular Coaching sessions with Lisa, I had a good understanding of business but was like a ‘lone soldier’ trying to implement best practice systems without help or support. I struggled to empower my team and there did not seem to be the level of ‘buy in’ from the team I was hoping for. 

Lisa has helped me gain insight into my leadership style and helped me become more of an empathic leader. I can support my team better and collaboratively engage with them to help them grow and become better contributors. As a result, there is a better team culture as everyone feels they are contributing to improving the business. I am both more relaxed and more confident as a leader. I know I can rely on my team and I feel I have the skills to support them in their growth. 

Lisa is an excellent team coach and facilitator.  Her gentle style invites contribution and collaboration leading to team insight, development and engagement. Her team coaching style works for all age groups and demographics as she is kind, welcoming and inquisitive. I would have no hesitation recommending Lisa as an individual and team coach.

David, CEO, Canberra. Team size 19

Before Coaching with Lisa, we had a lot of goals for the business but weren’t sure how to achieve them. We felt frustrated at our staff and at each other because we didn’t know how to move forward.

Lisa’s support and guidance gives us confidence to take action. She has great insight and has been able to help us get to the heart of issues efficiently, yet with empathy. She is a warm and friendly person, and she seems to really care for our wellbeing and success.  We feel a bond with Lisa and this makes it easy to be open and honest with her.  She’s not shy about pressing down on difficult issues, and following up on our progress or lack of progress.

Before we had Lisa as our coach, with other coaches, we did not feel truly understood as individuals or as a business. Lisa has taken the time to get to know us and our team members so she can offer a tailored and personalised approach. With Lisa’s help, we have greater emotional intelligence and have become better communicators and leaders for our team.

Lisa makes individual team members feel at ease. She always looks for the best in people and our team have bloomed under her guidance. She creates a safe space for the team to work together and can effectively customise her approach to best suit the team dynamic.

Amilie and Stephan, Business Owners, Canberra. Team size – 14

The most valuable part of having regular coaching sessions with Lisa is that she can look at issues in the business and with the team from a different perspective. Her wisdom and calming personality are a strong reassurance in time of a crisis.

It’s been a journey of transformation. I have become a stronger leader who can manage dilemmas by seeking to understand and trying to be a compassionate and at the same time an assertive team leader.

As a coach, Lisa is super approachable and easy to talk to. Having her as a team coach always gives me the sense of security as you know there is someone out there who helps you and guides you to find the best possible answer to your questions. She just makes it easier!

We now have a team culture we are proud of. The team are self-motivated and we have implemented systems and protocols that make the business run smoothly. This means less stress and a better work/life balance.

George & Serena, Business Owners, Melbourne. Team size – 20

Before I started coaching sessions with Lisa, I was feeling lost and directionless in my business and with my team. I didn’t know where we were heading and wasn’t even exactly sure what I wanted from my working life and my business.

Lisa helped me work out exactly what I want from my business, and then guided me through what I needed to do to get there. She has never told me what to think or what to do, but rather has an uncanny ability to help me realise these things for myself.  Over the several years Lisa has been coaching me, she has helped me with staffing issues, coming up with an ambitious yet achievable business plan, managing difficult clients, and a host of other everyday issues that come up with running a business. If I’m having trouble with my work life balance, her psychology expertise and practical advice have proved to be extremely helpful to me.

My team and I have attended training courses where Lisa was a facilitator. She’s a fantastic presenter and has a knack for getting people to get involved and participate in workshops. I find monthly coaching sessions with her to be invaluable.

Since I started coaching, my business has continued to grow in ways I could not have predicted. We have an inspiring team culture I’m proud of and my work/life balance has actually improved.

Holly, CEO, Sydney. Team size – 23

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