Meerkat No More

by | Aug 6, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Being the visible figurehead of my business is something I’ve grappled with. To be so out there has always been something I deemed braggadocious and egocentric. At the same time, I enjoy watching so many inspiring leaders, innovators and creatives, bravely putting themselves, their ideas and voices out into the world. I’ve learned so much from them and the conversations they’ve started. If I want to join in and be part of these conversations more, I need to confront my somewhat limiting ideas about exposure and being visible.

My approach has more often than not, been to put myself out there and very shortly thereafter go back into hiding. A mentor once reflected back to me, ‘you’re like a meerkat’, and it resonated. I pop my head up every now and again and then go back into my cave where it’s cosy and warm and comfortable. I’m not rocking any boats and taking any risks and at times, it stinks because it’s not where growth and expansion happen.

I have a few reasons to come out of my cave. Firstly, I’ve been feeling an urge and some excitement around doing more of my own trainings and reaching a wider audience. Secondly, I’ve witnessed some of my coaching clients who are truly inspiring leaders, resisting being the face and voice of their businesses. My sense is, if we hold back, our community misses out. I have also watched other coaching clients take the bull by the horns and go for it. Do they make mistakes? Sure. Are they green at the beginning? Absolutely. Do they continue to improve and get better as they go? Hell, yes! Thirdly, I also noticed when I went searching for services online, I was immediately drawn to and chose to work with people who were boldly front and centre. It made it easier to focus on who they are and what they offer and it streamlined the search process.

So as I launch my personal brand and a platform to share the work I offer, I’m committing to sharing more regularly, at least once to twice a month is a stretch for me but an achievable goal. The idea is to generate and share something I’ve created or co-created, whether it be a blog or vlog. I don’t expect this to be an easy endeavour. I expect it to be challenging at times and fun. I expect to have to confront my inner critic and face the rebound on the other side of putting myself out there more. That’s where this little meerkat goes into that familiar, comfortable hiding hole and could happily stay there, but then this Marianne Williamson quote loops around in my mind and reminds me ‘your playing small doesn’t serve the world’.

Supporting clients to grow, take risks and put themselves out there more is an absolute passion as is sharing this work. If I have to become slightly braggadocious and egocentric in the process, then I suppose it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

If you would like to check out how I can support you to do the same, whether it’s finding your clarity to create a clear voice for your brand or to develop more courage and have more support when putting yourself out there, please choose a Coaching package, program or book in for a FREE 20 minute chat to find out more.

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