The great resignation and what leaders can do about it

by | Jan 3, 2022

If Australia is to follow in the footsteps of the U.S., we have the potential to get caught in the great resignation or the great realignment. At times, this will be a welcome change, but for many leaders and business owners, it will more likely be a headache.  

A couple of main reasons I see causing team members wanting to go elsewhere are;

1.  Leadership thats missing the mark.

2. The need to feel a sense of meaning and purpose in the work we do.  

What can leaders do to reduce the risk of experienced, dedicated team members leaving? And can we help our staff uncover or remember a sense of purpose from their work?  

Here are 4 ways leaders can minimise these risks, and improve the experience of their team while also enhancing workplace culture;  

1. Prioritise the human factor. As much as possible check in around wellbeing and anything you know that’s topical for individual team members.

2. Let your team know you appreciate and value them with regularity. This, of course needs to be genuine so bringing some focus to what you appreciate about individual team members before you meet with them will help you be prepared to bring acknowledgement and appreciation into the conversation.

3. Nurture their developmental ambitions. Create goals that align with the organisations’, and if this is not possible, show an interest in their personal career goals and let them know its on your radar to look for opportunities to support their ambitions.

4. Book in team sessions outlining recent achievements, customer impact, your vision, and plan for the year ahead, and how it aligns with your team. Also team support sessions focussed on wellbeing and developing strategies to deal with stress and burnout.  

In a time of ongoing stress for many, where we are feeling anxious, stressed and either burnt out or close to, we need empathy and understanding to create more connection within our teams.  

Our tendency when we are stressed and overwhelmed can be to withdraw and isolate, especially if we feel there is no space to be human, fallible, and fatigued.  

Organisations offering this kind of support on this fundamental human level will impact every person and area of their business and could be the reason team members are inspired to stay with your organisation. This is the opportunity of the great realignment.

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